August 16, 2018

Hi Guys,


I am Nisha from India & living in Italy from last four and a half years.

Being an Indian I have ever felt spiritual & used to visit temples & grownup seeing my mom praying every morning & evening, & she still does.A big hats-off to my mom & dad for being so spiritual & dedicate towards light.


I Still believe in GOD & still praying but I have changed the way I used to. 

Now I am praying through meditation.Yes! you heard it right,Through meditation.Meditation is a great way to connect with creator & find him within.


Disclaimer---I am not offending any religion & I don't have any intention to offend anyone personally.I am here just to share my own personal experience & how I am practicing meditation.


How I started 

It's all started 3 years back in summer 2015.I used to go for walk on Pineta with my family. Pineta is really a dazzling,peaceful,place in Sardinia & it's very close to our house-just few minutes walk,It's full of old tress(more then 100 Years I hope) mountains,beautiful birds & some wild but friendly animals.It's prefect place to meditate/cycling/hiking/run/walk also for picnic.

Some of our random pictures on Pineta

(Double click to see pictures in gallery view)

 Lets get back to the point.So I am practicing meditation from past three & a half  years from now on.Whatever I have learned it's all from my own personal experience.You might be have different experiences but I would highly suggest to try your own comfortable way to mediate which suites to your lifestyle along with your mind,body & soul.I had started meditation because something strange was happening to me,I was going through a very tough time in my life,I can say I was little bit depressed & things were getting worst.I was loosing hope.

& then all of sudden I found a very strong connection between me & nature.I started feeling happy for no reason & started appreciating little things which I never did or just ignored.I discovered that We all must embrace the hard time & tough peoples we met in our life & it'll all will lead us towards something really great!!So don't be afraid of darkness or dark days,just embrace everything coming in your way & you will be grateful for those dark days too :) Believe me,all I am saying it's all from my own personal experience. 


So Once I started meditation I never looked back & start getting more & more involved.Now all I can say is........


We all have to go through a black hole,in order to reach light"


That's how it's all started :) Now let me tell you how I meditate!!


How I Mediate 

I sit in a crossed legged posture then simply close my eyes & feel my breath while inhaling & exhaling,slowly & gently for the first few minutes,while having awareness of everything & I talk to my self

"I am thankful & grateful for this wonderful,beautiful life.I am thankful for see everybody around me happy & healthy.I am thankful to be blessed with such a beautiful mind,body & soul.I honor my physical body & beautiful spiritual soul.I am thankful for everything & open to receive all the love & abundance coming in my way.I am whole & whole universe reside inside me"(this I repeat often even when I am not meditating)  

I love grounding,So I choose to sit on a mat,but you can sit on any comfortable place,it can be a comfortable sofa,chair or your bed.Keep your head,neck & back in comfortable posture & you are ready to meditate.It's that simple :) 

All we need is some fortitude & self motivation to start.


Hand Gesture 

I follow this gesture since beginning so I'll recommend this.


Time Frame

I feel there is no specific time,one can meditate whenever he or she want & for any length of time,it can be five minutes or even one hour or may be more.....I prefer to meditate during sunset.When I first started it was really hard for me to meditate even for five minutes since my monkey mind was thinking about all the crap very time I sit for meditate but remember practice makes a man prefect.So slowing I practice & now I can meditate as long as I want.Only one thing is to follow-consistency!!!

You must practice meditation daily if possible. 



I started my meditation with OM chanting meditation,please find the link below.It's a very powerful sound track & will help you to improve your concentration.I am still using this track sometime.


As far as I remember it's took two week for me to meditate without getting bothered by my own ongoing thought,but that's not bad,having thoughts are pretty normal & having awareness of your thoughts are a sign of  having awareness of your conscious & subconscious mind.

It's takes almost 5-10 minutes to reach in a complete meditate mode or level.Once you reach you will have vivid experiences of universe,Your mind & body will not exist anymore & you will experience the whole universe.

Don't be so happy,It's not gonna last so long-Hahahhaha :)

It's an ongoing process.You will understand this when you will pratice Meditation.


So now what are you waiting for,just get on the mat & start your spiritual journey through meditation.


Life is a wonderful journey but not our destination.We don't have to search for the creator in material world,He is just right there inside us & between us.


 Make your self zero(suniye) & whoever will enter in your life will add some value.We are nothing more than just A zero & that'S what we all need to discover"

how to reach at that level where we are nothing but just a zero? Ask yoursef!! 


Sounds very strange but you will understand this as soon as you will become a meditation bee like me..hahahahhah.


That's how it's all started :) 


If you like it,please feel free to share with your friends & family <3 


I'll also write another blog on pros & cons of meditation based on my own personal experience.As you might be heard that you can open your third eye through meditation,So I'll say yes!! & it's really work.

but never believe on what everyone else is saying.Find your own way,walk on it & discover your own true self & believe in your own experience,Like I do! You can follow my guidance to start your spiritual journey.





Love & Light <3 












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August 16, 2018

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