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January 7, 2018

Hi Guys,Happy New Years to all of you.We entered in a new era of 2018, It's a beautiful Friday evening.I am drinking my hot Italian coffee while writing my very first blog of 2018.


Well 2017 was a great year & I find out something revolutionary at the end of the year, Curious, right?

As we all know fashion industry is one of the largest industry in the entire world.I have grabbed some accurate information for you.The global apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars, 3,000 billion, and accounts for 2 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The fashion industry includes many sub-industries, such as menswear, womenswear, and sportswear.The womenswear industry is valued at 621 billion dollars

  • The menswear industry is valued at 402 billion dollars

  • The retail value of the luxury goods market is 339.4 billion dollars

  • Childrenswear had a global retail value of 186 billion dollars

  • Sports footwear is valued at 90.4 billion dollars

  • The bridalwear industry is valued at 57 billion dollars


After grabbing this information I have done a survey on Facebook & on google plus & I wasn't surprised when I saw the result & do you know why??? Because somewhere we all want a revolution in the fashion industry.It's not what I am saying,it's what peoples voted for,find out the question & the result below.......


Question-1 Do you care more about brand Name or Style of your choice?

Answer- 60% Peoples said they don't care about Brand.


Question-2 What is your priority, Latest Trend or Comfort?

Answer- 82.4% People said comfort is their priority, not the latest trend.

Question-3 What would you prefer, Made in China or Made in India?

Answer- 61.8% peoples said they love Made in India, where 35.3% voted for,Made in USA/Europe or their own country & 2.9% love made in China.


Question-4 Do you love animals?

Answer- 97.1% Peoples voted that they love animals.


Question-5 Do you care about our nature & environment?

Answer- 100% Peoples said-Yes!!! They do care about our nature & environment---Here I can see the unity between humanity,Thank you guys for being so caring about our environment.Heads off to all of you.


Question-6 Would you like to buy styles made of organic & Natural fabric?

Answer- 85.3% Peoples said they would love to buy organic & natural fabric made of garments & accessories.


Question-7 Would you like to buy Handmade Accessories?

Answer- 88.6% Peoples said, Yes!


Question-8 Would you Prefer to buy branded & expensive styles or Non branded with the same quality as a high-end brand but at the lowest price?

Answer- 97.1% Peoples Said They would love to buy high-end quality styles at the lowest price.


Question-9 Do you believe that together we can change our environment?

Answer- 97.1% Said Yes!!! Together we can move mountains <3 Hip Hip Hoorayyyyyy :)



Question-10 Do you Prefer to buy online or from a physical shop?

Answer- 61.8% peoples prefer to shop from a physical shop & 17.6% shop online & 20.6% from both.



Question-11 Would you like to know how fashion industry work?

Answer- 66.7% peoples showed interest in getting to know how the fashion industry works. Great!!!


I am here to answer all your question, Ask me directly or through sending a mail to us at


 I would be happy to answer all your questions.




Conclusion :-If fashion industries & anyone who didn't participated in my survey is reading this article right now,So I must say that Based on my survey it's pretty much clear what customers are exactly looking for!! maybe not today but definitely in future going forward they will move or demand for natural & organic fabrics made styles & why shouldn't,We all care about our planet as well as it's good for our body, nature & environment.


My Survey is still open,if anyone wants to participate please click on the link blow...



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