Top 20 Fashion Brand You Should Consider For Your Next Wardrobe

November 20, 2017



TOP 20 Fashion Brand,Choose what Best For Your Wardrobe!!!

Hi Guys,It's 3:05 Pm here in Italy and  Saturday noon for me and I have decided to write this blog now,As I have mentioned in my last blog I am going to recommend 20 best designer and Brands you should consider for your next wardrobe purchase.SO here we GOOOOOOOOO!!

As you Know fashion industries is huge and there are thousands of designers and design houses those working so hard to be standout,Some of them are well-known world-famous designers others not! but I really appreciate each of them because I know fashion is not just a word it's an imagination of a designer which he/she created on a paper by visualizing Their customer wearing it before it comes into our hand.A big round of applause for all the Designers.

Now it's really hard for me to choose only top 20 brands,But after doing all the research I think I am justifying with your expectation, You are having from this blog! 


 First of all you must know what is your style type,So if you really don't know  then click on the link below and get to know your style pattern!!


Since now you what's your personality and Style type is,so its gonna help you to understand which brand suits your need.Make sense,Right?

If you want to follow the latest fashion trend but don't want to spend thousands of $$$ then you must visit these sites and store I have linked below.They are fashion forwards stores and offering multi-variety fashion clothing and accessories.They are fairly reasonable and value for Money.I personally love buying my own clothes from these store and I have done huge quantity production, for some of them, in my own buying house through importers,If you want can visit my site (,Since I have done production for some of them and, rest of the brands I have tried by myself So I am confident about what I am talking!!! I am not only just a blogger I am a CEO of Nisha Paradise Apparels which is a fashion forward buying house based in Italy & India founded in 2010.I am into fashion industries from past 17 years and handled many famous Fashion Brands.Being a garment buying agent I know how much work and efforts these brands put to bring out the best for their customers"like us" They control product quality at their level best to offer fast forwarding vogue styles look to their customers at very very competitive price,those love to be a fashion chic all the time ;) 


But one thing is for sure!!! You will get what you will pay for,I hope you got my point.If you are paying only for Plain Pizza,You don't get Pizza with Extra chees :)


SO don't expect high-end quality and longer durability for each and every styles you are buying from them.They are offering enough good quality to go with latest fashion trend.Most Important is what's you are buying,it is also depend on the material of the clothes,Some Style you can keep for whole your life and other might be need to throw after few washes!! Now you might be thinking 'Who the hell want to store the old clothing' but my dear do you know what? as it's said history repeats so fashion itself too!!! Officially Fashion Cycle change in every 20-year but from past few years it's repeating frequently and as I have noticed it's repeating in every 9-10 years,Believe me or not!!! So if you want to keep something in your closet  for 10 years then choose your closet those are made of good quality material and long lasting material and you will never be disappoint after buying it :).


Wants to discover which material and clothing styles you should buy which remain in your closet for yearsssssssssss????? Click on the link below and check it out!!


Now you know all about how and what to choose,So click on the links below and start shopping for your next closet!!! 

























Guys Not each of us are addict to fashion and give importance to brand name printed on our garments but there are many those love high-end clothing brands,tailored and custom made styles!! Heads off to them,Because of them fashion industry is surviving,Just Kidding...Not Kidding....Just............ Hahahahaha!!


Ok! So now,If you are the one,that branded Regina(Queen) and really want to stand out from the crowd and your pocket allows you to spend thousands of $$$$ and you are really fussy about garment quality and don't want to compromise with your lookbook status then consider below designers brands for your next wardrobe.We have also done the production for high-end designers/buyers and they are expensive because they don't have many rich customers ;)....Again Kidding,not Kidding......Fine!!  here are the few reasons why their price range is higher then other above mentioned brands.Most of the high end buyers they use good quality and rich materials including all fabrics and trims for their styles,Most of their styles are Custom made because of UNIQUE embroidery patterns and gorgeous SILHOUETTES and then again they don't sell their styles in bulk,So their buying quantity is less which increase their cost of production.Now if Do Want to know what Silhouettes really is???? Click on the link below.


I don't have to Shop some of high-end branded clothes since I produce them!!! So I am lucky to have them in my closet,Jealous right?But As women there is ever enough space in our closet to add more,Right!! 

But If you want to shop some of the world best designers clothes,I made it easy for you,Just click on the link below and check it out their latest collection and shop whatever you like <3 




2-Dolce & Gabbana




4-Victoria Beckham




6-Giorgio Armani




8-Ralph Lauren








You can have a look of all High-end designers and there S/S18 Fashion show lookbook by clicking on this link





 I hope you will find this blog helpful and leave me a comments if you want to know more about fashion trend and how fashion industries work.Until then Stay Glamours,Charmig,Elegant and Sexy in your own way!!! 


Much Love-<3
















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