Don't Be A Fashion Victim

October 30, 2017

Good Morning, good afternoon, good evening whatever your time zone is, I hope you are having a good time, Thanks for asking me, I am doing really great, Smileeeeeeeee


Ok guys in this article I'll cover what you can do if you are a crazy fashion bug or bees--hehehehehehehehehe!!! Like me.If you have to go for an event, Gala dinner, Red carpet or for a special date, don't you think whole day long what you gonna wear and how you wanna look?? Don't lie to me, We all know the truth, no matter how beautiful you are naturally but it's never too bad to look more beautiful, isn't? It's great to be Voguish and Exquisite.If you agree with me then make a note-I am beautiful the way I am, Practice this every time you look yourself in a mirror, This will boost your confidence for any occasion will come into your life.



Awesome!!! be confident but not over confident-there is a fine line between confident and overconfident, overconfidence is when you wear pajama or balloons in a gala night or in a red carpet show!!!




Found it interested, right? I hope you got my point!! So here is the point, what should you have to keep in mind before spending thousands of $$$$$ on clothing, makeup, and accessories.You must be heard this before hundred times or maybe thousand times but still reading this since you didn't follow anyone advice and was waiting for me to do it again, just kidding :)...not kidding...Ok!! Kidding :0..If you are following me, great!! Big thumbs up, if not, then why not following?? :( Start following...I am a fashion designer, living in Italy and owner of a garment buying house(Nisha Paradise Apparels-A fashion forward buying house) Make sense!!! jump back to the point, First of all, understand your body type, no matter what size or color you have, understanding our body type is the first key in order to look dazzling, fascinating, elegant or graceful.

Click on the link to understand your body shape

We all know what is our body type, Don't cheat on this!! Since it's gonna help to find out the right clothing/design/silhouettes for you.If you have any confusion you can check it here

Now you know your body size, So please don't try to fit into Pettite or into junior if you are plus size.That's gonna make you look wired and funny at the same time.After knowing your body size choose the right colors based on your skin color, just don't grab anything you look other wearing and looks stunning! We are all individual, unique and splendid in our own way!!


Click on the pixs below to understand which color goes well with your skin tone


So understanding your body type and skin type is two basic key towards choosing perfect wardrobe.We all somewhere know these basis fact and I just want you to apply this next time when you go for shopping and let me know through comments,How was your shopping experience. I would love you hear from you.


I am sure none of us want to be a part of fashion victim!!!


So go for something which looks good on your body, on your skin and which gives you a sense of confidence, awake your spirit and you feel alluring from inside.That's what the right cloth for you.Choose what is most important for you Comfort/trend/sassy look/foxy look/look pleasing/Sexy/Imposing/Royal/Elegant or Mix of everything! I think a mix of everything everyone wants.Anyways I would really suggest trying different things, different brands and ever be experimental and then decide which brand match your needs and suites on you, It can be your personal designer or boutique or a design house.If they are not bringing out best in you then, it's time to change!! You know what you deserve and how amazing you can be!!

In My next article, I'll cover the best top 20 designers/brands you should consider to buy your next closet.

Until then, keep working on yourself and keep reminding yourself, how amazingly beautiful you are in your own way!! Much Love <3







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